Radim Korbel
 Lead vocals


Singing on:
  • Shure Beta 58A 
  • LD System MEI100 G2 + KZ earphones            
Motto: Go ahead !
Mirek Andrássy  Lead Guitar 
I started playing guitar when I was in 8th grade. I had listened to Britney Spears, but when I heard Ozzy and his guitarist Zack Wylde, I knew that rock music would be my cup of tea. I bought an acoustic guitar and started learning to play from sheet music. My first band was BOOSTER / after THORNYWAY (2004) where I played guitar and sang. The next band was a speed metal band called NATHANIA (2005 – 2007). This band played live gigs, released unofficial promo CD Darius, but split up because of different opinions on our music. In 2008, I created a project called PORTA INFERI with my drummer friend Michal Baron. I am a composer and a guitarist in this band. I like music, sports, fishing and fun.
I play on:
Influences: Evergrey, Kamelot, Epica, Nocturnal Rites, Dream Theater
Favorite music: Everything worth listening
Favorite musicians: Mike Portnoy, Alexi Laiho, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo
Motto: Anything goes, if one wants
Jarda Dobrota
 Bass guitar
I just love music and everything connected to it! There has always been music playing out loud in our house ever since I was a baby. The first thing I remember is that my parents loved Roxette, so "How do you do" man! The things got serious later: I started playing flute when I was in 3rd grade, then acoustic guitar and choir singing in 5th. I was 14 years old when I first heard the opening riff for "Ain't talking 'bout love" from Van Halen. After that, I wanted to learn how to play electric guitar. I also started playing bass one year later. My bass guitar teacher at that time showed me a whole new dimension of music and so the bass guitar turned out to be my weapon of choice! My first experience with live gigs came with a band called The Progressive. Later, I also played in a metalcore band DeLITE. Some years after that, I participated in a project My10PLANETS and when it split up, I became a member of Porta Inferi. One of my greatest achievements was a concert at the Sonisphere festival back in 2010 where I played in front of 65000 fans together with bands such as Metallica, Slayed, Megadeth, etc. I can't even count now how many gigs I have done so far, but one thing stays the same - that euphoria when you get off the stage after a successful gig! I wish everyone could experience it! :)
Playing on:
  • Ibanez K5
  • Tech21 Sansamp PSA-1
  • LD system MEI 100 G2
  • Line6 G30 wireless

Favorite music: There are just too many bands I like! We can talk about that after a gig if you want :)
Favorite musicians: Same answer!

Motto: „And when everybody is doing this because everybody else is, who’s actually doing it because they want to?“           

Lukáš Kroutil  Drums
I started playing drums when I was 14 years old. The reason was simple – I wanted do something. In these 11 years of my musician life, I have been listening to everything starting from Kelly Family to Threat Signal, Scar Symetry, Sybreed, and a lot more … :) In the last 11 years, I have been a drummer for more than 8 bands. Now I am a member of a crystalic brigth metalcore band called „DeLITE“ and melodic prog metal band called PORTA INFERI. I have started to practice rythm drumming recently. In my free time, I´m interested in gardening :)
Playing on:
  • Mapex Saturn V / Red Blue hybrid 
  • PEARL hardware
  • ISTANBUL cymbals 
  • RSTICK drumsticks
  • ROLAND Module
  • ROLAND triggers
Influences: Soilwork, IN Flames , Threat signal, Sybreed , Raunchy …
Favorite music: except EVA and Vašek everything :)
Favorite musicians: Dirk Verbeuen , Mike Portnoy , Alex Rudinger
Motto: Every obstacle is merely a test of what you can handle
Jan Noga  Lead guitar


Playing on:          

  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Schecter JLV-7FR
  • LP custom 7strLD system MEI 100 G2
  • Line6 HD500
  • Eleven Rack Digidesing



Favourite music              

Favourite musician


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